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    Specialists in H2S and Noxious Odor Control Solutions
Mobile Scrubbers

Almont Emissions low pressure vent gas scrubbers are a cost effective means to eliminate off lease odours resulting from production, maintenance or product transfer.

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Truck Mounted Scrubbers

Almont Emissions has developed a line of truck mounted scrubber units (TMU) based on the design of our patented, intelligent low maintenance mobile scrubbers.

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Chemical Solutions

Our mission is to provide immediate, effective and cost sensitive solutions to eliminate the negative impact of H2S, mercaptans, benzene and other noxious emissions on health and the environment.

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Hydrogen Sulfide Scavenger

Almont 6: Water soluble solution that reacts upon contact with hydrogen sulfide in both aqueous and gas systems.

Mercaptan Scavenger

Almont 9: Oil soluble solution that eliminates mercaptan odours upon contact through an irreversible reaction.
Almont 10: Water soluble and biodegradable solution ideal for eliminating mercaptan odour in either water or gas solutions.

L.E.L's, B.E.T.E.X., Hydrocarbon Odours

Almont Deodourizer: A multi-purpose, water soluble reaction agent that effectively and efficiently eliminates odours from multiple sources.

Scaling Inhibitor

Almont Na - Minus: Liquid, water soluble solution used to inhibit precipitation of sodium chloride.

  • Client
    Mark G. Tansley
    Tansley Associates Environment Sciences Inc. Calgary, AB

    You are to be commended for the manner in which you handled the quick response to our need for odor vapor containment. The Almont equipment we received was able to quickly mitigate the orodant vapor we had encountered. I believe Almont Emissions is in an enviable position to capture a market that has been waiting for this technology.

  • Client
    Brian Hagel
    Clean Harbors Energy & Industrial Services Macklin, SK

    It is my pleasure to recommend the emission control services of Almont Emissions Inc. We have had the privilege of working with Almont on numerous projects whereby we utilized their mobile scrubber units and their enhanced sulfide scrubber solution to eliminate hydrogen sulfide from the vents on our Vac Trucks. Consistently, the team at Almont...

  • Client
    Absolute Environmental Waste Management Inc
    Edmonton, AB

    Almont Energy has developed a scavenger product that is unlike any other that Absolute Environmental currently accepts. Upon our analysis of the material, we noted that the spent product was absent of solids and emits only a faint odor. These characteristics effectively minimize the human and environmental risk commonly associated with the handling of like material, making this a unique product.